K3 & USB


Well, here's what i finally di and it seems to work just fine, so far!

In my logbook, LOG4OM, i went to the headphone icon which is where you
find the "CAT" settings.

Rig 1: Elecraft K3

Post: COM 19

Baud Rate: 38,400

Data 8,N,1

RTS & DTR show : High

Since the situation is working, i left that alone.  If it works, don't
fix it.

In WSJT-X i went to: File, Settings and selected the Radio tab.

I made the rig = None and closed the settings page down.  Nothing else. 
Left whatever settings were as they were.

Rebooted the computer and everything started working as it should.  My
"CAT" light in the logging program turned green and when i made  a
contact on FT8, it went right to the log.

One thing, K4TAX has said that you should see no more than 4 bars of
ALC, If i try to drop the input level down below that the transmitter
drops out.  Have not tried opening up the VOX setting a bit to see if i
can compensate a little of if that will not make any difference at all.

I suspect that i wasted a lot of effort trying to make something work
that wasn't needed.  The different settings in the LOG4OM and WSJT-X are
apparently for some other type of operation/condition but with the
Elecraft K3, it was almost a Plug & Play.

I hope this info helps other who have ran into a similar problem.



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