[Elecraft] Powering PR6-10 and P3 w/SVGA Option From K3 12V DC Outlet

Ian Kahn

Good morning, Elecrafters!

I have an older-model K3 (s/n 281) and an older-model P3 (s/n 681) with the P3SVGA option. My K3 has the 1A mod for the 12VDC outlet on the back panel. In and effort to reduce cable clutter, I would like to power both my P3 and PR6-10 from that outlet, simultaneously. I currently use it for just the preamp, and my P3 is powered from my RigRunner and power supply. Based on the power consumption listed in the relevant manuals (.7A for the P3, .070A for the PR6-10, .77A total, if my math is correct), this should be doable with the right cabling. Has anyone on the list done this successfully? If so, would you be willing to share your cabling design with the rest of us? If nobody has done this before, maybe the Elecraft geniuses either have a suggestion, or could put such a cableĀ  set in the design pipeline?

Thanks and 73,

Ian Kahn, KM4IK
Roswell, GA

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