Re: No USB Audio Codec

Bob McGraw - K4TAX


In the WSJT-X F2 Menu you should have the choice display as follows:

From Windows Device manager you should have two items.  The first under Ports (COM & LPT) showing the USB Serial port and a port number.  This is the port that controls the radio under CAT.   Shown below.

Then a bit further down you should see under Sound, Video and Game controllers the USB CODEC.   This should appear when you connect the USB cable from the radio to the computer and then turn on the radio.  Shown below.

As to the radio, in the CONFIG menu:  for RS232  should be set to USB.   LIN OUT should be NOR and a value of 010 being default {I run mine at 006 to reduce the level into the computer}.  Also be sure there is nothing plugged into the Line IN and Line Out on the rear of the radio.  The radio DATA MODE {manual page 33} should be DATA A.

Check all of the above.  Should work.

 Bob, K4TAX

On 8/29/2018 7:57 PM, Brian wrote:
In trying to set up FT8 I cannot set the Speakers to  USB codec. The USB codec is not displayed. I have the Mic set to LInE In on the K3s.

The Microphone input works fine with USB codec selected and signals are received.

Are there settings I could have wrong or is there a problem with the IO board.


Brian KF6C.

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