Re: Looking to upgrade


Hank,  let me put in a good word for the K3S.  I build the full Elecraft line about four years ago and have since gone from the K3 to the K3S.  Amazing performance.  Don't let the business like front panel fool you into thinking it does not perform better than the rigs with all the colored lights.  

I work with a very serious field day group that runs several stations, commonly with two stations running on the same band simultaneously.  The Elecraft gear is the only equipment in the group that does not suffer from overload from the adjacent transmitters.  As far as the options, it is practical to get a fairly basic 100 Watt K3S and then add the options at a later date.  This is something you can do fairly simply as it required no soldering to add additional boards to add more capability.  The DSP is so excellent that I find that lots of additional filters are not needed unless you are in a very high RF environment. 

The K3S is ideal for digital modes as it requires only one USB cable to your computer to fully integrate the radio to the computer.  Additionally it will send and receive some digital modes internally without the need of a computer.  

I have had a few occasions to call Elecraft to get assistance configuring my equipment.  They are generous with their time and go out of their way to make sure you are getting the most out
of your equipment. 

Downloads of newer versions of firmware could not be easier, much simpler than the other major manufacturers methods.  

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