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* On 2018 27 Aug 19:15 -0500, HB wrote:
I have enjoyed just about any operating style and radio configuration
available (except having a "real" dual receive) with the 7600.
When you get the chance to experience diversity receive with the present
band conditions, nothing less will be a consideration for you.

Even not using the sub receiver in diversity mode, I have found a number
of good uses for it over the past three weeks since installing it.

Convince me to switch!!
I can't do that. All I can say is that in the nearly eight years of my
owning my K3, none of the other latest offerings have tempted me. I did
buy a very clean TS-520SE four years ago for nostalgia.

One consideration is that my desk space is limited. The large physical
offerings from the "other" guys takes them out of consideration.

My K3 purchased in autumn 2010 replaced an FT-920 that I had purchased
in 2000 and upgraded with about every INRAD option available. I took a
real bath on that '920 when I sold it! In years prior I had the
opportunity to operate an FT-1000MP and FT-1000MP MkV and neither one
impressed me enough to buy one to replace the FT-920. Over the winter
of 2009/2010 I heard a lot of chatter on the bands about the K3. I did
a lot of reading and joined the mailing lists, sold the '920 after
working my first KS QSO Party in September 2009 and ordered the K3 with
the only extras being 2.1 kHz and 500 and 250 Hz filters and the 100W

I've since added the internal tuner, support for the P3, new
synthesizer, and most recently the second receiver and bandpass filter
board to enable reception below 500 kHz. The modularity of the radio is
most attractive and even though I've upgraded it incrementally over the
nearly eights years that I've owned it, the latest upgrades allowed me
to take advantage of recent engineering improvements without having to
buy the radio all over again.

Enjoy your decision.

73, Nate, N0NB


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