Looking to upgrade


This is my first post to the group.  I am considering buying a new HF rig. 

My operating position consists primarily of an Icom IC-7600.  I have used it for several years and really like the user interface.  BUT, its performance in the presence of strong signals - especially adjacent signals is poor in my opinion.

I saw (and heard) a demonstration of a K3s in a very strong adjacent signal environment and the adjacent signal was completely rejected - no interference at all.  I am seriously considering replacing my 7600 with a K3s (like buying American too!) but am overwhelmed at the number of options available. 

I have enjoyed just about any operating style and radio configuration available (except having a "real" dual receive) with the 7600.  My other accessories that I will use with a new radio include: AL-1200 amplifier, PK-232sc+ (soundcard, HF packet, FSK RTTY, and a little PACTOR), PC running DXLabs, and a Heil Proset.  I operate primarily SSB with some digital.  With digital, I send a fair amount of RTTY (really like the sound of FSK RTTY with the PK-232sc+).  I'm trying to get back into CW - never learned much past 5WPM and I struggle with that today.  I also do a little 2m SSB, but my old Drake 2m SSB rig (running a Henry 2m amplifier) lacks some function and I would like to add that to a station rig.  I use a couple of beverage antennas for listening and a dipole and a few beams for transmitting.  I don't want to go backwards or have to give up any flexibility.  The newer 7610 seemed like the next rig for me, but the strong signal issue remains.  I have never really looked at a K3 - seemed liked an expensive little box with not very many bells and whistles, but after hearing one, I may be wrong.

Convince me to switch!!


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