Re: K3 upgrade


You won't have to use the old line in and line out cables, but you can continue to do so if you wish. If you do choose to remove those two cables and use the USB audio codec in the KIO3B instead, then in your digital mode software you will have to change the sound card settings to use the K3's USB audio codec instead of whatever sound card you were using before, for both transmit and receive.

You will also want to use that same USB connection for an unrelated function, namely radio control from your software. You can do away with any serial cable, KUSB or whatever else you might have been using for radio control, and instead use the virtual serial port that is set up by the driver for the K3's new USB adapter. In the K3's CONFIG menu, change the CONFIG:RS232 setting to USB to enable the USB serial adapter. You will need to change the COM port number in your software to match whatever COM port number Windows assigns to the new port (which you can find with the help of the Windows Device Manager).

The K3S Owner's manual (page 18) contains more information on using the KIO3B's USB port.

Rich VE3KI

On Sun, Aug 26, 2018 at 01:52 PM, Larry wrote:
My Old K3 is in for repair and upgrade.  I'm replacing the K3io board
with the new "B" model.  Apparently from what i read i will no longer
need the line in and line out cables.  Am i reading that correctly?  It
will then use a regular USB cable from the radio as a replacement as i
understand it.  Is there a new firmware release that will address this
or is the latest that has been published going to work?  I'm wondering
what different settings will have to be changed.  I use it mainly on CW
& FT8 modes.


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