Re: K3 upgrade

Richard Williams


It depends.  I still use the line out to be send audio to the US Interface Navigator (FSK for keying RTTY).

U also use the USB for FT8.

Dick, K8ZTT 

On Sun, Aug 26, 2018 at 11:52, Larry
<> wrote:
My Old K3 is in for repair and upgrade.  I'm replacing the K3io board
with the new "B" model.  Apparently from what i read i will no longer
need the line in and line out cables.  Am i reading that correctly?  It
will then use a regular USB cable from the radio as a replacement as i
understand it.  Is there a new firmware release that will address this
or is the latest that has been published going to work?  I'm wondering
what different settings will have to be changed.  I use it mainly on CW
& FT8 modes.


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