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Ed Pflueger

I just modified mine with the new synthesizer, KI03B, DVR, and TXCO and now looks and acts like my K3S's. Yep just use the USB for all of your digital modes. Makes thigs a lot simpler. If the factory is doing your mods it will be up to snuff and don't need to worry about that. Your settings for FT8 etc. shouldn't be too far off from what they are. I did all of mine myself and glad I did. I Use it primarily for Field Day but I wanted it to be the same as my other two K3S's.

Ed... AB4IQ

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My Old K3 is in for repair and upgrade. I'm replacing the K3io board with the new "B" model. Apparently from what i read i will no longer need the line in and line out cables. Am i reading that correctly? It will then use a regular USB cable from the radio as a replacement as i understand it. Is there a new firmware release that will address this or is the latest that has been published going to work? I'm wondering what different settings will have to be changed. I use it mainly on CW & FT8 modes.


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