K3 interface with other programs

N2TK, Tony

Presently using my K3 with LP-Bridgewith Win10 Pro. I have DXBase, WSJT, N1MM+ and DXbase Bridge working together. Trying to add Green Heron Everywhere. But it wants the Virtual Com Port #1 as does WSJT. GHE won’t even start if something else is using the first virtual port.

Do other programs such as Win4K3Suite allow you to run all of these programs at the same time using virtual ports?   

Do I have to change logging programs?

Looking for recommendations to get over my frustration of not getting everything working together. Maybe it is a cockpit problem and LP-Bridge can really do this?

All programs are set up as run as administrator.

Tnx for any feedback

N2TK, Tony

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