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Rob Sherwood

No I don’t know about the angle on 6m.  On 6m any antenna would have lots of lobes due to height above ground in wavelengths.   Rob, NC0B

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Rob, thank you very much.  I do understand the fact that a 4 or 5 element beam would be better but that is not possible in this situation.

Do you have any information regarding the angle that Es stuff comes in?

Michael Blake

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Directivity is always your friend, often even more so than gain.  A yagi with a clean pattern reduces noise, QRM and QRN.  A 4 or 5 element yagi on 6m would be much more useful than stacking and phasing two dipoles.   On HF the same is true, and I am very lucky to have 5 elements on 10, 15 and 4 elements on 20m.  Rob, NC0B
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Personally, for the little extra a second diploe would add, I don't feel it would be worth the effort.
For the effort to add another dipole with the supports, feed line etc.,  you may be better off using a small 3 or 4 element Yagi if you can.  Depending on your location, you may not even have to rotate it, since you'll have about a 90 degree horizontal beam width, and this will net you around +6dB of forward gain.
73, Charlie k3ICH
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Having a ton of fun working FT8 via Es on 50.313 with both my K3s and my KX3. My antenna is a simple dipole at about 30 feet elevation .
My question regards the angle that Es signals arrive.  If I stacked another dipole at 12 feet lower the angle of maximum gain lowers significantly. Is the preferred angle of arrival/departure on an Es signal completely random depending on the distance from the E cloud or would the stacked dipoles (Lazy H) always be better?
Very 73 - Mike - K9JRI



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