Re: K3

Richard Williams

Besides using a quality dummy load, make sure the coax cable you are using between the dummy load and the radio is good (I speak with experience).

Dick, K8ZTT 

On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 17:40, Larry
<> wrote:
I ran the 5 watt RF gain calibration test this morning from the K3
Utility.  It failed!  So i clicked on "Next" and ran the 50W calibration
test.  I had not done this test before so didn't really know what to
expect.  Well the 50W calibration level failed also, DUH!

Any suggestions before i call for an RMA?  I can get 100W out on CW most
all bands, 80 W out on a couple others.  However using FT8 the RF power
fluctuates to some extent, maybe 5 W or so on the HF bands but is really
stable on 6M using SSb mode though as the Data mode is worse and i can't
seem to tame it down.  I am suspecting that getting the transmitter
"tuned up", whatever that may entail will correct the situation.  Not
having a peak reading wattmeter it's hard to tell exactly, with the
instrument i have, what is happening on SSb although i worked the
KH1/KH7Z station on 20 and 15 SSb so it must be working to some extent.



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