I ran the 5 watt RF gain calibration test this morning from the K3
Utility.  It failed!  So i clicked on "Next" and ran the 50W calibration
test.  I had not done this test before so didn't really know what to
expect.  Well the 50W calibration level failed also, DUH!

Any suggestions before i call for an RMA?  I can get 100W out on CW most
all bands, 80 W out on a couple others.  However using FT8 the RF power
fluctuates to some extent, maybe 5 W or so on the HF bands but is really
stable on 6M using SSb mode though as the Data mode is worse and i can't
seem to tame it down.  I am suspecting that getting the transmitter
"tuned up", whatever that may entail will correct the situation.  Not
having a peak reading wattmeter it's hard to tell exactly, with the
instrument i have, what is happening on SSb although i worked the
KH1/KH7Z station on 20 and 15 SSb so it must be working to some extent.



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