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Hi Paul,

Attached is the current draft. Looking forward to your comments.


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I have interest in the IC-7610, but would be interested in your comparison table and data comparing the two rigs.

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Paul Dulaff

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In response to many questions fielded by our sales and support staff we’ve put together a comparison of the K3S vs. the IC-7610.

While all rigs have certain strengths, the K3S has a combination of performance, features, and form factor that provide unique benefits to the operator, especially those who may encounter high-signal conditions or require portability (or both, as in the case of Field Day, DXpeditions, etc.).

The comparison table is in draft form and will continue to evolve, so we’re not posting it on our website just yet. However, we’ll be happy to send the current edition on request to anyone actively weighing the tradeoffs between the K3S and other transceivers.

Please email me directly if you’re interested. I’ll be happy to expand on information presented, whether theoretical or functional. No doubt these discussions will help us refine the table.


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