Re: FT8 using 1000-4000 Hz allocated to Hounds


I worked the KH1/KH7Z team laast night on 20M and this morning on 30M. 
The Fox/hound mode is quite simple if you've got the options set in the 
WSJT-X setting file.  I stayed above 1000 cycles on the screen and when
he answered, it was just a  2 transmission exchange, the data shifted my
tx down to the working freq he was transmitting to me on.  You have to
manually make sure the QSo gets logged though, at least i had to. 
Otherwise i made no changes to my K3 configuration at all.  His
transmissions back to the hound stations were mainly around the 350 to
650 cycle range. Piece of cake.  set it up and take a nap.  30W and
inverted V on 30M.  30W & 4 el yagi on 20M.  Nothing special here.



On 6/26/2018 2:53 PM, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:

Before I dig into the station to make this change, I wondered if
anyone had tried using the AM filter for receive and how it worked.
I have used the FM filter for JT65/JT9 operation for several years
with LO=0.20 and HI=4.20 (BW=4.00, FC=2.20) to provide approximately
200 Hz to 4000 Hz receive audio.   Although the FM filter is 13 KHz,
the 6 KHz AM filter should operate the same way.


   ... Joe, W4TV

On 2018-06-26 11:30 AM, Doug,  VE3MV wrote:

Ref (a) FT8 DXpedition Mode User Guide, by Joe Taylor K1JT - May 16,

The ref (a) User Guide indicates that the Hounds should make initial
calls anywhere in the range of 1000 - 4000 Hz.  Also, in the detailed
Instruction for Hounds, item #6 it talks about “set the high
frequency end of the waterfall to 4000 Hz".  However the waterfall in
receive on my K3 is limited to between 300 and 2750 Hz even if I
increase the bandwidth on the K3 to read 4.00 (because of the actual
bandwidth of my widest roofing filter) in the main receiver.

Seems to me that one could make use of the wider AM filter in receive
and now I, as a Hound, can see the frequencies of the other Hound
signals up to approx 4 KHz and find a opening to call.

Since the K3 Utility program provides an easy way to specify which of
the crystal filters (up to 5) is enabled for receive in each mode. 
One should be able to just put the AM filter into position 1 and
enable it for Data A receive.

In my case I would have to move the AM filter from the subRx to the
main Rx in order to do this configuration change.

Before I dig into the station to make this change, I wondered if
anyone had tried using the AM filter for receive and how it worked.
  BTW a similar question is asked in the Answers to Frequently Asked
Questions, Item 4 in the Ref (a) guide but it addresses the audio TX
frequency and the shift automatically performed by the software.  My
question relates to “seeing” the full audio range on receive.

73,  Doug  VE3MV

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