Re: K3 with P3

Doug, VE3MV

Ref email from Jim MM0BQI

Hi Jim:  In addition to the +12V mod mentioned below at about the time your K3 was produced there was a mod to change the gain to provide a slight increase in the IF output level being sent to the P3.  I had to do it to one of my K3s - only  one resistor on the bottom of the main rf board if I remember correctly.  Reference to the Elecraft mod archives will provide the details and allow you to determine if its already been done to your K3 or what to do if not.

The P3 is a great addition to your station and will change forever how you “see” the stations you want to work.

73,  Doug  VE3MV

On 2018-Jun-10, at 9:28 AM, John Merrill <john_n1jm@...> wrote:

There was a mod to increase the aux 12volt output of the K3 from 500ma to 1a back in 2012 if you use the SVGA board option with the P3 and power it from that aux output. You could probably email Elecraft support to see if it affects your serial number. Otherwise you should be good to go.

73, John N1JM

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