Re: K3 with P3

Martin Sole

Okay, I can understand that on some levels. Being out here on the far distant spiral arm of the known universe that is Thailand sending anything anywhere is pretty much a not happening event. Fixing it urself is where its at. I just fixed an Icom IC-775 DSP, lovely radio that had sat for several years because the owner was convinced it was dead and worthless. Well a few minutes of logical approach and testing soon showed it was of all things, the mains input integrated noise filter, both line and neutral were open circuit. A simple fix and a dead radio lives again. Sometimes they are just that easy.

One of the great things about Elecraft, as was with Ten Tec way back, the support and help is second to none, so sending anything anywhere is usually either not necessary or it's just a module. With Elecraft I've never had a failure, least not one caused other than by me. Reliability is so high its hardly a consideration.

Martin, HS0ZED

On 10/06/2018 19:31, dalej wrote:
If the scope requires service, I won’t have to send in the whole radio, that is an advantage in my view, same goes for power supply.  If the PS goes poop, I just go to my basement shop and get another 12 v supply.  Having all intigrated into one box like the 7800 for example is a distinct disadvantage.  Imagine having to ship the 7800 back to Icom for a PS or scope problem.  

Just my .02
Dale, K9VUJ

Now if only it were integrated :)

Martin, HS0ZED


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