Re: K3 with SDRPlay as Panadapter using SDRConsole

Dana Shtun

Hi Guys
I installed SDRPlay and RSP2Pro to use as a panadapter with my K3
which is set up for HF VHF UHF SHF up to 2304 MHz using external transverters.

The software worked FB until I hit 2304 where it DID NOT show 2304 Mhz on the display!

Apparently some coder in their wisdom set the upper frequency limit of SDRPLay to be the same
as the RSP2Pro, DESPITE it being used AT the IF!
Talking to the developer, its throw your hands up …. !

I ran into EXACTLY the same ISSUE with SDRCONSOLE V3! even switching to the HackRF didn’t help!! - hopefully Simon will FIX that limitation..

However all works fine with N1MM+ and waterfallbandmap!

BUT I really want a decent panadapter up to 10 GHz… I’m thinking P3 as well now… has anyone figured a work around?

73 Dana

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