Y-BOX v1.3 Closeout Pricing; New Y-BOX v2.1 Now In Stock

Bob Wilson, N6TV

To review, the Y-BOX provides a reliable and convenient way to connect the K3 ACC port to multiple devices, including the KAT500, KPA500, KPA1500, band decoders, DigiKeyers, RemoteRig boxes, etc.  The Y-BOX replaces any 15-pin Y-Cables you may already be using.

While supplies last (I only have a few left), the original "Version 1.3" Y-BOX will be sold for only $129 ea. (originally $139).  Order this version if you don't have a SteppIR controller, or don't have a requirement to power a KPA500 or KPA1500 on or off remotely.  Version 1.3 requires an Elecraft KPAK3AUX cable (not supplied) for connecting the Y-BOX to an Elecraft amplifier or tuner.

The new "Version 2.1" Y-BOX dedicates one connector for a KAT500, KPA500, or KPA1500, with no KPAK3AUX cable required.  Simply connect an economical 15-pin M/F cable (but not a VGA cable) between the Y-BOX v2.1 "AMP AUX" port and your Elecraft device.  The Y-BOX will connect only the required lines, emulating the wiring of the KPAK3AUX cable.

Version 2.1 also adds two new internal headers. The first is optionally used to open the keying line to the amplifier, providing convenient RCA connectors for SteppIR owners with a SteppIR Tuning Relay (a device which opens the keying line whenever the antenna is tuning).

The second header optionally connects the DIGOUT1 line of the K3 to the Elecraft amplifier's PWR ON pin, so you can remotely power the amp. ON or OFF with a simple K3 macro, or your K3 logging software.  This technique is documented in the K3 Remote Owner's Manual, on page 21.  With the Y-BOX version 2.1 and a 15-pin M/F DE-15 cable, no K3 to KPA500 cable modification is required; the required connection is made inside the Y-BOX.

Version 2.1 is now available to order, priced at $139 ea.  Here's a direct link to the order form:

For more details and photos, please see https://bit.ly/Y-BOX (freshly updated to show what's new in version 2.1).

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement.

Bob, N6TV

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