Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3 won't TX in FT-8


On 1/20/2018 10:22 AM, llibsch@... [Elecraft_K3] wrote:


        I am unable to get my K3 to TX any RF when set up for FT-8. Hardware is K3, Behringer U-phoria UMC202HD USB sound card running on WIN XP with most recent version of WSJT-X software. FT-8 settings Radio Tab: baud 38,400, data 8, stop 1, handshake none, PTT CAT, Mode data/packet, split none. Tests of CAT and PTT are both successful. Soundcard tab is set for the Behringer card.

        Soundcard is cabled to LIne In, Line Out on K3. I am in Data A (USB) mode. K3 Menu Mic Sel is set to line in/line out. Waterfall displays signals and they decode properly.

        When I click the tune button in the FT-8 software, the K3 goes into transmit but there is no RF out. When I press the tune button on the K3 I do get RF out. When we briefly attached a headphones plug to the soundcard out lead that had been connected to the K3 line in we could hear the tuning tone when clicking on the tune button in FT-8. I do AFSK RTTY without difficulty so I do not think the line in jack is faulty.

        Ideas, please.

                                            K4KGG, Larry

On the right side of the WSJTX screen is a slider bar.  Mine is set at the 2nd bar from the top.  Might have to play with that setting to see where it kicks in reliably. Probably because the VOX sensitivity is pretty tight.  Couple of things to check.  In your WSJT settings file, set the radio type to none.   Nothing else should have to be changed.  I also use Data A.  Works for me.



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