K3 will Tune into an antenna but no Power on SSB or CW

Richard Jones

I have been trying to help get a SK's K3 radio operational where it was found that there is no O/P power showing on the display in SSB or CW modes on any band.

My initial review I noted that the Filters were installed in the wrong order so I switched them around and updated the Configs for each...Still no power on Key down or SSB.... however that did allow the radio to show 5W on the display when I hit the ATU Tune button.... but the tuner doesn't resolve a tuning solution even into a resonate dipole

Next I noticed that there was no relay click when adjusting the POWER knob through the 10W threshold..

In a bold step I decided to match the CONFIG menu choices to my own radio..  made some section changes and now the radio offers that click as you move through the 10W threas-hold.

Still no power showing in either SSB or CW modes. Note that the Radio does illuminate the TX LED and still tunes with 5W showing on the display... but no tuning solution.

Has anyone experienced this previously or have any test-function ideas for me to try?

The Radio is a 4000ish serial number, built at the factory, did operate a one time or another with five 8-pole filters and 100W PA, DVR and ATU installed.. no second receiver.

Thanks for any help..

Richard // N2GBR

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