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Rob Sherwood

Another example of an out-of-touch FCC.   You will love your K3S, but if you are really serious about 630m, consider the Monitor Sensors transverter.


I have been using it since the 630m band was open to general ham usage.  It is a fantastic product that not only is a linear transverter, but has a great receive front end.  AM BC overload on a good antenna is not a problem.  Is it almost idiot proof?  Yes.  I takes 5 watts of drive on 160m and gives you 50 watts of drive on 630m. 


I have 19 states worked from Colorado, including Hawaii using WSJT X JT9.





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One of the reasons that I purchased the K3S was because it is capable of working the new 630 meter band.  The power output is something less than 1 mw.


I kept thinking that there should be a commercial amplifier available sometime, to take this 1 mw signal and amplify it to a usable output.


However, what I'm beginning to realize is that with the FCC limitation of 13 db amplifier gain limit, it will never be available.  It would take at LEAST 44 db of gain to get to 25 watts!


I realize there is the article:

but this design is non-linear.


I know there are some LDMOS devices that have gains in the order of 26 db (BLF188XR for one) and I'm wondering if there are any similar devices, somewhat lower power, that would take the K3S output to a 

respectable RF output in more of a linear fashion.


Mike,  W0IH



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