KX2 as a remote front panel for another KX2, KX3, or K3S?


A number of KX2 owners have asked whether they could use the rig as a “terminal” to control a remote radio. This may be possible to a limited degree.

This can already be done with a K3, K3S, or K3/0-Mini. All three can do 100% control of a remote K3 or K3S, including 1:1 display mapping.

On the smaller end of the scale, you can use a KX3 in “RIG CTRL” mode to do limited control of a remote KX3, K3, or K3S. Page 28 of the KX3 owner’s manual provides more information on this. A small number of basic functions is provided, including VFO, band change, mode change, AF gain, etc.

The rigs can be connected together with a null-modem TTL/RS232 cable (2 wires + ground) or through a simple server app. Receive audio, mic, and keyer paddle must be handled separately from the control stream.

The question is whether there’s enough interest to justify adding such functionality to the KX2. Like the KX3, the KX2 would only provide certain basic controls.

We’re open to discussion about this (on the list or to me privately). Please include a short description of the application you have in mind. It could be as simple as this: using a KX2 on one side of a large shack to control a K3/K3S on the other side. This would be my motivation, since my primary work computer is out of reach of the K3S setup.


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