Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3 Noise Cancelling Headphones - Experience?

barry NF1O

not unless the band is playing just outside your window.



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I don't suppose the noise canceling phones do anything for the band noise, just thought I'd ask. 

Mike R

Absolutely Awesome 

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What about latency?  Even a small time delay for the sidetone would wreck CW sending.  Anyone know the answer to this please?  I'd love to go cordless.

73 Stephen G4SJP

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I would really like to know the outcome of this thread, any conclusions on best active noise cancelling phones.

73, F5VJC

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To elaborate, even with the door to the shack closed I easily get distracted by a vacuum in the other room, rain hitting the roof and/windows, dog barking at the front door, kids and their music, XYL complaining that it is getting close to dinner, etc., the Bose helps extensively for me to hear the DX calling.

Don't forget about the power supply, radio, computer and amp fans running in the shack right at the operators position. You would be surprised at how much that seemingly light hum and hiss will cancel out (yes, even with regular headphones on).
Especially in any male's ears over the age of 30..... 

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Joe / AJ3O

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I am going to get some noise cancelling headphones for use on the K3s.
Has anyone used any with great success? 
Ken K5WK

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