Black Friday:: 3rd Party Parts available for Elecraft K1 / K2

Doug Hensley <w5jv@...>

Available for the K1/K2 transceivers:

-- the K6XX CW Indicator with False Blink kit, LED Button Option & header connect/disconnect option.

These work very well on the K1.   WARNING:  the kit requires soldering of SMD components prior to installation of the header.

$39.95 plus $4.5 USPS.

Available for the K2 is the Rework Eliminator kit for making microphone changes more easily. 

Same price: 

$39.95 plus $4.50 USPS.

Contact me privately if interested:

I still have a 2.7 kHZ 5-Pole filter available for the K3 / K3S.  Any fair offer
will work.  The 1.8 and 1.0 kHZ filters are sold.

Funds received here are supporting my recent K3s repair. 

Doug W5JV
<< w5jv @ >>

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