New K3 remote control/macro command: "TM" (TX metering mode); useful for FT8, etc.


If you use K3 remote control commands, either in K-Pod macros or custom software, you might be interested in the latest field-test firmware release. We’ve added a “TM” command to set the TX bar graph mode on the LCD. This also affects what is read in transmit mode by the “BG” command (bar graph read).

The syntax is:

TM0; SWR/RF metering
TM1; CMP/ALC metering

Thanks to the TM command, BG can now read either the power level (with TM0 in effect) or ALC level (TM1). The latter may be especially useful for remote installations using FT8 or other audio-based data modes.

Just to recap other remote-control commands added in recent releases:

DEnnn; inserts a processing delay of 10 to 2550 ms (nnn = 001-255),
useful for command pacing, especially in K-Pod macros

ARn; RX antenna on (n=1) or off (n=0)

If you’re interested in testing this field-test release, please email me directly.


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