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I may be wrong on this, but the way I read the Win4K3Suite manual, Win4K3Suite does not pass DTR and RTS through to the radio. If my reading is correct, keying CW or PTT via DTR or RTS on the radio control port will not work, and you will need a separate keying circuit (or a Winkeyer) connected between a separate serial port (or USB-to-serial adapter) and the K3's KEY IN jack.

If I am wrong and Win4K3Suite does support DTR and RTS keying, then the correct settings in N1MM+ would be:
- check the CW/Other check box in the Configurer beside the radio control COM port;
- click on the Set button for the port and set DTR to CW;
- in the K3's CONFIG menu, set PTT-KEY to OFF-DTR.
But again, this will only work if Win4K3Suite supports DTR and RTS keying on the radio control port (it works fine when the K3 is connected directly to N1MM+).

Rich VE3KI

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I did search....I did follow the recommendations but to no avail!

Using N1MM+ (latest release) / Win4K3Suite (latest release) / Win10 / K3

I installed N1MM+ last night and have the CAT side of things working but, when sending in CW, the radio TX light goes red but nothing is transmitted. Nothing! Nothing on the meter, nothing out from MON.

I have tried every combination of PTT-KEY in both N1MM+ and on the radio.....but nothing.

I am guessing it is something very simple.....please point me in the right direction.




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