Re: Mysterious K3 FSK mode change


This is an N1MM+ setting. In the Configurer under the Mode Control tab, set the Mode Sent to Radio for RTTY to AFSK. Right now it is set to RTTY, which causes the program to put the K3 into FSK D mode every time you change frequency. The AFSK setting will put it in AFSK A.

Rich VE3KI

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I’m posting the to both the N1MM and Elecraft reflectors. The problem station at N6RO is a K3 running AFSK, controlled by N1MM with MMTTY. OS is Win10. This station was working ok on RTTY some months ago. This problem cropped up at the start of the CQWW contest: The rig would spontaneously change sub-modes from AFSK-A to FSK-D when you turn the VFO dial. Not just cluster-clicking, but simply turning the knob! Then you have to press the Data MD button to fix it, every time you QSY. Never occurs while running.

What I’m looking for is 1) confirmation that the K3 has no obscure feature that could do this, and 2) is there some setting I should look for in the software.

This setup will be converted to hardware FSK very soon, which hopefully will resolve the problem, but maybe not, so that’s why I’m asking.

Gary NA6O

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