Re: Using a Mac and PC with a K3s


In order to use the USB cable for rig control with the K3S, you have to set CONFIG:RS232 to USB.

I have forgotten where I saw this, but I seem to recall a discussion in which it was mentioned that the RS232 and USB rig control connections on the K3S may be mutually exclusive, i.e. you can only use one at a time. If I am remembering this correctly, then connecting both computers to the rig at the same time might require some ingenious use of port splitting software in the PC and something along the lines of back-to-back USB-to-serial adapters between the PC and the Mac (or serial over Ethernet, or ...).

More simply, you could simply use the panadapter in "manual rig" mode, i.e. without a rig control connection to the K3S. You would still be able to see signal traces on the panadapter screen, but you would be unable to use the frequency markers in the spectrum display.

Rich VE3KI

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I have my logging program on my iMac and panadapter on my PC.  I want to use both at the same time.  I could do this with my Kenwood TS-590s.  

My K3s is connected to the PC with the RS232 cable provided with the K3s and everything is functioning correctly.

My K3s in connected to the iMac with the USB cable provided with the K3s but my MacLoggerDx

(logging program on the iMac)  does not recognize or see  the K3s.  

How can I fix this?  I would appreciate any help.

Thank You,

John N5RK

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