Re: On sunspots, amplifiers, and transceivers: An overview of the K-

Bruce Prior

The fun part for me was watching the reactions of our son, daughter and two granddaughters to the total eclipse. We found what we thought might be an isolated site -- a hill north of Arco ID. Only about 30 people were there! After totality almost all of them joined in an effort to collect broken glass and other debris from who-knows-how-many drunken parties there. So much was collected in a heavy-duty trash-bag that it was hard to carry! It's heartening when a group of mostly-strangers pitch in on a community project!

This ass the second total eclipse that I've seen, and I'd love to see another. In Arco a group affiliated with NASA launched a high-altitude balloon, one of about 50 deployed along the totality path. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of eclipse video productions online and on television.

Margaret K7MWP elected to stay in the temporary campground at Butte County Fair for the eclipse. She had fun photographing the weird tree shadows during the partial phases. People all over North America and beyond had a chance to experience those. We had no trees on the hilltop. Trying to peer into a sun-filter-equipped telescope low to the ground on the hill I tumbled over, getting into an argument with some sort of spiny desert plant. Margaret worked for a long time with tweezers, but I still have some souvenirs left over!

73, Bruce Prior N7RR

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