Now accepting orders for the Elecraft KPA1500 amplifier


We’re now accepting orders for the new KPA1500 amplifier, having completed the FCC approval process. Target for initial shipments is the end of October.

Many of you have already received a notice about this via email. If you’re not on our email list, you can see the complete announcement here, as part of our August newsletter:

Our KPA1500 web page has full details on the amp:

...including this FAQ:

Feel free to send any questions about the KPA1500 or the ordering process directly to me, and/or post them to the list. Chances are others may have the same questions.

Here’s a very brief summary of the KPA1500’s features:

* 1500 W
* 160-6 meters
* Space-saving RF deck and separate power supply unit
* Fast, silent PIN diode T/R switching
* Built-in antenna tuner with dual antenna jacks
* Extensive remote control capabilities
* Compatible with nearly any transceiver



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