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OT religious superstitious clap-trap.
Isn’t it time this thread was closed?


Alan. G4GNX


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This is kinda off topic, but in biblical circles, a lunar eclipse meant judgement to Israel

And the Jews. A solar eclipse meant judgement to the gentiles.
This year we had the solar eclipse which started in Oregon, the 33rd state of the Union,
It's exit was in South Carolina at the 33rd Parrallel. 33 days after the eclipse comes
"The Great Sign", Revelations 12 sign on September 23. This comes on the tail end of
The first of the fall festivals, the Feast of Trumpets. This festival prophectically stands for
The Resurection of the Dead and the catching away of the believers. It also points to the
Beginning of the 7 year tribulation.
Sorry guys just had to add this, you all decide.
73 Bill N4ZI
By the way this celestial alignment is very similar to one at birth of Christ, and there is no other
Like it covering 7000 years of time on Stellarium! It's on you tube, several groups on facebook!

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