Re: USB on Low Bands


1. If you used DATA A instead of USB for JT65, you wouldn't have to worry about the sideband - DATA A is on the upper sideband on all bands. That's MD6; DT0; .You might need to configure your JT65 program to use Data mode rather than USB.

2. If you want to stick with USB, SWH17; is the same as the ALT button on the front panel, according to the manual. Remember to use it again when you want to go back to the normal sideband.

Rich VE3KI

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I wish to work RI1ANO on 80 meters for a new one there.
Unfortunately he is spending almost all time on JT65.
Since I am operating my station remotely (about 30 min walk) I need to switch K3 from home to USB on 160-40 meters using the K3 command set.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the command in K3 Programmer's Reference. Maybe I have missed it...
I am making all other swinching like VFO A/B, split, rit etc remotely from my logger without any problem.
Until now I have used digital modes only on 6 meters.
Thanks in advance
73, Victor Goncharsky US5WE/K1WE (UW5W in VHF contests), P.E.
UARL Technical and VHF Committies
DXCC Honor Roll #1 (Mixed, Phone)
DXCC card checker (160 meters).


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