Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3S - KTC03-1 Frequency Stability

Jim - N4ST

Thanks Wayne, but I’ve had this K3S for over a year and a half and never noticed the problem until I started working 6M MSK144.
I couldn’t understand why I could hear the meteor scatter pings, but wouldn’t decode. The max freq tolerance for MSK144 is 200 Hz.
When I figured out I was off frequency, I did a REF CAL adjustment and was dead on.
Then I noticed that from day-to-day I could be 50Hz-70Hz off, even for a warmed up rig.
I went through setting the REF CAL several different times, using different techniques and all seemed to work, but within a few days I would be off frequency again, by 50 Hz or so.
Now I just monitor for a few MSK144 pings and see where the majority are transmitting and offset my TX frequency by the appropriate amount and I’m good to go.
Especially easy now during e-skip when the signals are readily available.

Jim – N4ST

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Subject: Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3S - KTC03-1 Frequency Stability

If that is true, we’ll replace it immediately. Please contact customer support.


On Jun 13, 2017, at 9:10 PM, 'Jim - N4ST' [Elecraft_K3] <> wrote:

I guess I paid $119 for a 1ppm oscillator upgrade that doesn't have "typical" (0.5ppm) performance.

Jim - N4ST

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Hi Jim,

Have you learned anything more on this issue?


Posted by: Wayne Burdick <>

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