K3S - KTC03-1 Frequency Stability

Jim - N4ST

I have a K3S with the KTCX03-1 option factory installed.  Never paid too much attention until the last few months when I started using MSK144 on 6 Meters.  Now I can see that on 6M my frequency is typically off by 50-70Hz from one day to the next and as much as 200 Hz if I let it go for a month or so.  I figured that with a 0.5ppm crystal, it would only vary 25 Hz from day to day.  Yes, I have adjusted REF CAL to beat with WWV.  I've also performed the Norm/Rev CW tone adjustment and even the WSJTX frequency cal.  They all seem to work just fine when the alignment is performed, but it doesn''t hold from one day to the next.  And yes, I am waiting an hour or so of rig warm up before performing the calibration.  Is this typical performance?

Do I need a new KTCX03-1?



Jim - N4ST

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