Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3 RF Board revision levels

William Conkling <bconk75@...>

As I remember while building K3 (45xx) there instructions to make board mods ( usually cuts I think) when adding certain features. But my board was already modded. I chalked it up to "growing pains". 

So if you've added all the features you've probably done the mods. 

...nr4c. bill

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I have two K3 transceivers to which I’m planning to add options.  But before doing so I’m trying to determine the differences in Rev. levels on the RF board.  One says Rev. A 2007 on the silkscreen, and the other Rev. B 2008.  The later being a later serial number.   I find nothing documenting the differences and I do have in inquiry into Elecraft support.  Does anybody here know what the differences are or anything I should be concerned with?   thanks.
Paul, WA6IBU

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