Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3S migration

Charlie T, k3ICH

My sentiments exactly. 

What is one going to do with all the boards that were replaced in the current K3 in order to upgrade it to K3S specs?

Their value is next to Zero. 


However, by buying a new radio, you eliminate that aspect and create no worthless leftover boards. 

I chose to sell my older K3 after I pulled any accessories I wanted on the new radio.


It ends up being the only practical way to go for me.


73, Charlie k3ICH




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Buy the K3S, then move the options in your K3 to the K3S yourself.  Personally (which I did), is to get the K3S with the 100W amp, tuner, and any filters you want have in both radios (my case, a 400Hz one).


You now have a spare radio (or you can sell it).  I kept the K3, but if you sell it,   the 100w amp and tuner will most likely make it more appealing.


Dick, K8ZTT 




The way I understand it "If purchase a K3S with Migration, I can send in my K3 and Elecraft will remove some options and install them into my new K3S".  Elecraft will return my, "canabolized" K3.  I'm thinking, "what's the advantage of doing that"? Wouldn't it be better to just buy the K3S with the options that I want?


I can keep it as a second rig or sell it! Selling it loaded with the options would increase its value but if it's barebones, it's value would probably drop less than $1,000.  My question is "Is migration more economical than selling it"?



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