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Yes, KPA1500 and a K4SDR with narrow auto notch inside the AGC loop, make it with 4 slice receivers and a 200 watt transmitter, built in spectrum analyzer, hot pancakes with maple syrup, etc.

Dale K9vuj

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I have two K3S’s and just waiting for the KPA1500.
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It is a safe bet that Wayne, Eric and all the wonderful people in the backroom of Elecraft are working on something new and wonderful.... That said with was less then 50 people working for the whole company and hundreds of K3S, P3, KPA500, KAT500, KX2, KX3, PX3, KXPA100, and all the other goodies going out each month, it will be a few years until the next generation is done... Besides, once they do have something the test and re-test the design and refine it, and that takes time also.
I have two used K3's, as well as K-Line and a KX2, KX3 and PX3, that these radio will not be outdated and will do more then you will ever expect... The best part is, once you buy the radio, you get a customer service department that really cares and will do pretty much whatever it takes to keep you happy.... So get the K3S and when you can get the P3... 

Have fun
73 Harry  K7ZOV

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Good then I will go buy a new K3s.
73, John N1JM

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