K3 Receiver - spurious responses

John Lemay

Hi all

I was delighted to pick up a second-hand K3 recently, almost fully loaded
including the second receiver.

However, the receiver(s) have a large number of fast tuning spurious
responses. One of the worst, on the main receiver is at 28.134MHz and using
Spectran I can measure it as 50dB above the background noise. Clearly this
can't be right.

I have re-run the synthesiser calibration procedures for main and sub, but
to no effect. I've tried re-routing the tmp cables, which does have some
effect but I can't find any positions which provide a cure, or close to a

I have an earlier K3 which I built from a kit (serial 15xx) which is totally
without these spurious responses, so I know it can be achieved.

Any ideas please - before I drop a line to Elecraft support on Monday ?

Many thanks

John G4ZTR

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