Re: [Elecraft_K3] Hi SWR on 40mtrs

Keith KV5J

If you have the KAT3(A) installed, you might need to reseat it.
I've seen this in several K3s.
Keith, KV5J

On Tuesday, December 27, 2016 12:04 PM, "Fred Guiliano ng3j@... [Elecraft_K3]" wrote:

I'm also noticing that issue with my K3. All bands ok except for 40m. Occasionally, SWR will go extremely high only on 40m. I checked all connections and all are ok. K3 is set to correct ant port. When I switch to my 1000mp, SWR is normal. Shutting down the K3 several times seems to fix it. I've changed the coax jumper from K3 to ant/rig switch and also put the 1000mp in line replacing the K3 so it's using same feedline and switch position and 1000mp has no issues. Leads me to some thing internal to the K3. 

This doesn't happen often so haven't really looked into this issue much.


On Dec 26, 2016, at 5:23 PM, Bill Ellis wb9cac@... [Elecraft_K3] <Elecraft_K3@...> wrote:

Hi all, 

My K3 has been operating quite well until yesterday. I went to tune-up om 40 mtrs and the autotuner registered 25:1. On all other bands, it tunes properly. I then put my analyzer on the coax in the shack and it read 2.1:1. Should not be a problem for the autotuner. From what I'm seeing, the problem appears to be with the K3. What am I missing here?

Thanks for any help.

Bill Ellis, WB9CAC

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