Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3 RX/TX switching times?

David G3YYD <g3yyd@...>


I measured RX to TX for the new synth in a K3. With QRQ on it took 3 to 4 mS
from PTT out going low on the K3 to RF just starting to appear. With QRQ off
it was 7 to 8mS. I measured it so I knew how fast to make QSK relay
switching for a new amplifier. I did not measure from key down to RF out.

Using 10amp mains 12v coil relays with a series resistor and a small speed
up capacity across the resistor fed from 26v I got 2.5mS including bounce
time. I will actually be using 50v so the relay will easily be fast enough.

73 David G3YYD

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Subject: [Elecraft_K3] K3 RX/TX switching times?

I need to know the K3 RX/TX switching times with and without QRQ option,
also for both old KSYN3 and new KSYN3 synthesizers. And K3s as well...

It was published somewhere but I am unable to find it. Can someone help?

Martin, OK1RR




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