Confused on K3-Remote and microphones

Scott Townley

I'm looking at Rev D of the K3-Remote manual.

On page 16 (remote site setup) it says:  "2. Set the K3 for rear panel mic input and no bias, regardless of the type of mic used".

OK, that makes sense.

It goes on to say:

"The RRC-1258 units automatically supply bias".


Going to the control site setup diagrams, that last statement makes sense for the K3/10 or K3/100 controller shown on p. 19.  The diagram explicitly shows a microphone connection to the RRC-1258.

However, neither the K3/0-mini (p. 17) nor the K3/0 (p. 18) have any illustration of the microphone connection.

Is bias still being supplied via the RRC-1258 AUX/MIC port, and routed internal to the K3/0 or K3/0-mini to the 8-pin Foster and the 3.5mm jack on the side?

If so, what if I want to use a dynamic mic?  Can you turn off the supply of bias in the RRC-1258?

Unless I'm just not seeing it, this appears to be a noteworthy omission in the setup instructions.

Thanks for any insights,

Scott NX7U

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