Re: [Elecraft_K3] Re: Antenna survival


About 40 years ago, while living in VA, I had an inverted at 55 feet for 75 meters that I was very proud of. I was running a TS-430 and an SB200. I was very active on the Virginia Fone Net and always got excellent signal reports. Down the road lived another ham, also a member of the same net and running a like station. His antenna was also similar. Hence, we both got similar signal reports. Then along came a big storm and his antenna fell to the ground. He picked it up and strung it along the tops of a few bushed and a hedge row - highest point was about eight feet - step ladder height. His signal reports remained consistent with mine (remember my antenna was at 55 feet and his was at 8 feet). Ever since then I have been a user of NVIS antennas on the lower bands. And just for the nay sayers - I have a nice QSL card from Bahrane on 75 meters (that station called me) and many others from Europe.

The moral of the story: You do not have to have the largest highest antenna to enjoy radio.

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