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Well thought out reasoning Don.


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Very interesting.  I grew up using older Icom gear (751a, 761, 781) and don't remember them having CWR switch.   Probably came along in the next generation of equipment.   I now run K3s.   At 70, my wife says I am not only tone deaf, I am really deaf and should get some aid.    I fear doing that would increase my honey do list.




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I can’t speak for Lee, but I can tell you why I always use CWR. When the K3 came to market my ears and brain had been trained by 40+ years of Yaesu and Kenwood radios which default to the upper sideband for sidetone monitoring. Thus my brain wanted to hear a descending pitch with increasing frequency. Since Icom radios default to lower sideband, it drove me batty every time I used one. Thankfully, Icom radios have a CWR switch.


As one of the early K3 field testers, I gave Wayne a fair share of grief about the K3 defaulting to lower sideband. He didn’t buy it!!


Being a musician with near-perfect pitch and pitch-differentiation to less than 1 Hz on a good day, it is not easy to retrain my brain. (Being 71 years old probably doesn’t help either!) On the other hand, I have several crack CW operator buddies who are nearly tone deaf. CW / CWR doesn’t bother them one way to or the other.


Jim, WS6X  




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Out of curiosity, why do you use CWR versus CW normally?


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I always use CW REV when I operate my K3. I am using a friends K3. CW REV does not work at all with it, neither Rx nor Tx. Norm al CW works fine. Any ideas what could be wrong with it?



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