Static discharge and the K-Pod


Larry wrote: 

As winter approaches and the humidity drops, I find myself developing a static electric charge when rolling around in my office chair on a plastic mat on carpet.
This is not an issue with the well-grounded gear in my shack – except for the K-Pod. If I mistakenly reach for my K-Pod after sliding around in my chair, I discharge a significant spark into the K-Pod - which shuts off the K3 (!?)
I performed some simple resistance measurements and find that the case of the K-Pod is not tied directly to the radio’s ground. My preliminary thought is to use a mounting hole on the bottom of the K-Pod for an auxiliary ground connection.
Has anyone else encountered this problem and developed a different solution? (aside from suggesting a ground wire on my chair – I’ve already dismissed that idea)
-larry (K8UT)

and I replied:

Post haste!!!  Miniature lightning kills modern electronics devices.

I am very surprised this was not considered in the design of the K-Pod.  I will do something with it this weekend - it is winter and the season of serious static discharge.

Bill W2BLC K-Line

**** Sorry about moving this into a new post, but I thought the topic was rather important. Sorry if I offended anyone's sensitivities.


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