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I have seen the same thing on the VOX for some time, not sure when it started but it drives me nuts 😫

In fact, I just glanced down at the K3 and the VOX is off at this moment and i sure didn’t turn it off.  I do enable the test mode when I leave the operating position to keep the cat from operating.  She likes to sleep on the desk and at times her rear will bump a key.  Like you, I have never been able to pinpoint exactly how the VOX gets switched off.  I am a 99.9% CW op and have the complete S3 line on at most times.  I have a hunch that changing bands does it but not all the time.  Perhaps my finger lingers too long on the down side of the band rocker switch?  If so, somehow the timing changed at some point as this is a recent (within a year) issue.

I keep all of the software up to date so latest versions of the SW is installed in KPA, KAT and K3.


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Speaking of VOX, what happened lately to cause the VOX to be turned off at random it seems...I never turn it off and work 99.9% CW.  As of late, it seems to randomly turn off...others see that too?  I do turn the radio to ‘test” to keep my cat from sending CW while I am away..wonder if that is related?  Haven’t been able to pinpoint when it happens but I never “HOLD” the band down to turn it off.

On Oct 13, 2016, at 6:42 AM, William Conkling bconk75@... [Elecraft_K3] <Elecraft_K3@...> wrote:

Turn on VOX. 

...nr4c. bill

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I'm a fairly new K3 user and just got it back after some upgrades and replacement of VFO encoder. I must have rest something because I suddenly don't have any RF power out when keying CW. Any hints please?
Rick, W2JAZ

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