Re: [Elecraft_K3] change the processor board?


I went the simplest possible route, just wanting to exercise the connectors on the faceplate a little bit by removing the bottom two screws on the faceplate and the one screw on each end plate.  Just enough to be able to use a screwdriver blade to move the faceplate connectors out about 1/8" using the normal 'pry access points'.  Moved the faceplate back and forth a couple of times and then reseated the faceplate and so far I haven't been able to reproduce the power drop issue on 75/80 meters so that may have done it.  I will know soon enough when I power up from a cold start if the other 'freq jumping' issue is gone too.  Off to Colorado on business now and we'll play with it next weekend.  Sure hope that was it.  Will update in about a week.

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