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Carry do not check preferably as carry on ever if wrapped in  so

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Hi all:


I do a fair amount of travel for contests.  I have a couple of Pelican cases …each large enough for either a K3 or a KPA500 and accessories.  They are of course too large to take as carryon, and normally I just check them, without incident.


My next trip is to Suriname, with a change of planes and airlines ..(meaning rechecked baggage) in Trinidad.  I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that putting the K3 in checked luggage for this is a doubleplus ungood idea.  Luckily for this trip, I’ll need only a K3 and a Microkeyer, but I am wondering …is there a Pelican case (or equivalent) out there, that is small enough to qualify as carry on, but large enough to hold a K3?



Steve KL7SB


p.s.  I also thought about just shipping the gear ahead of time …I was also told that was a bad idea.


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