Re: Travel advice

VE9AA - Mike


My K3 came in a roundabout kind of way from Gary, VE1RGB, who had it in a tan w/ green trim, soft, padded canvas (or denim?) carry-on bag with an Elecraft logo on it.  Inside the bag are 2 foam w/ plastic cutouts that are custom fit to the front and rears of the K3 protecting it from all but the most violent of hits.  I had it literally squeezed into a MINI COOPER for my recent trip to VO1TTT (27hrs one way) and for a week's vacation afterwards and it survived just fine.

It's not much bigger than a laptop bag and I am sure would qualify as check in size. (aprox 14"x14"x7")

I have no way of determining if this is/was an Elecraft accessory, but someone may read this and could verify.

Mike VE9AA..........p.s.-nice job from VY2TT !

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