Re: Displaying second receiver RTTY text during split operation


Hi Jim,

It's a good question. The P3 text is merely a repeat of the K3 decoded text. I don't think the K3 has provision for reading text from VFO-B. But there are alternatives if you are also using a PC. You could continue having the P3 display VFO-A text and use your PC RTTY program to display VFO B text merely by directing the right audio channel to the PC.

Also PC RTTY programs like MMTTY have dual display capability. MMTTY calls it a clone window. Once both windows are up you choose which audio channel goes to which window. If you use MMTTY as an add-in to a contest program some capabilities might not be available. It depends on how the contest program handles the plug-in. I know it worked in WriteLog but I haven't yet figured out how to do it using N1MM.

Mike K2MK

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I recently purchased a keyboard to plug into my P3 and used it for RTTY, displaying text on the second monitor. When the station I was copying went to split operation, I wonder if it is possible to display text from both receivers simultaneously.  Has anyone done this and if so how.

Jim, AA8OY

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